Walk with, not by.
Prototyping & MOtion Design
Jonathan Kumar, Jessica Huffman
My Role
Sole Designer, Content
Launch Date
Oct 2018
Version Two
Homelessness, as a global issue, will require long-term, sustainable solutions from the government, non-profit, and private sectors working together if there is to be any meaningful reduction in the scale of the problem. Samaritan exists not to solve homelessness, but to allow able, eager citizens to be proactive in the recovery of those living on the streets through donations, check-ins, and personal messages. Fostering a sense of hope through community can often be just enough to get someone back on their feet.
My Role
I collaborated closely with the client to discover specific needs and motivations around various real interactions where Samaritan could help elevate, educate, or facilitate a real connection.
ONboarding UX
main app experience
High Fidelity Wireframes
Rapid Prototyping

During onboarding, it was important to educate about how the beacon technology is used for facilitating donations and where monetary gifts end up.

Detecting a beacon holder
Beacon detections are a special, core, yet rare event. We designed the experience to celebrate encounters, without relying on them.