Bob's Brain

Come as you are, learn as you go.
Brand Strategy & Identity
Logo Design
Byrne Electrical
My Role
Sole Designer
Danielle Russell
Launch Date
August 2017
Bob's Brain, a Byrne Electrical affiliate, is a dedicated service and guide for technical learning in power and data for interior designers, project managers, and marketers, 25 to 40, (mostly female, 70%) that are working with spaces that Byrne products are currently or will be installed in.

The project goal was to design a living, responsive learning service for Byrne's main audience to seek solutions, share ideas, and ask real time questions to problems exclusive to their industry and role. 
My Role
I collaborated closely with the client on defining the basic brand strategy elements of vision, values, and character to establish the groundwork for the visual identity.
Vision Statement
Bob's Brain believes in celebrating the creator. For the ambitious, forward-thinking creative, Bob’s Brain is the only helpful handbook for finding, modifying, and executing connectivity solutions for a spectrum of spacial needs.
Mission Statement
Bob’s Brain curates a validating experience by anticipating design solutions, bridging the gap between engineering and interior design, and providing an open platform for active participation in an inclusive well-spring of infinite, responsive expertise and support.

Brand Strategy

Logo Iterations
Final Branding

Bob’s Brain uses three primary colors and three secondary colors all with specific purposes.


R 239  .  G 50 .  B 58
Primary Palette


R 61  .  G 70  .  B 88

Neutral Light

R 247  .  G 247  .  B 245
Secondary Palette


R 239  .  G 50 .  B 58


R 239  .  G 50 .  B 58


R 243  .  G 136  .  B 93